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Jay Horowitz

Phone: (888) 555-1212
Email: Jay@horowitzllc.com

Jay began his career in 1981 selling accident and life insurance door-to-door to farmers in rural Missouri. In 1985, Jay moved to Southeast Missouri and took a position with Associated Doctors Insurance Company where he learned to sell Medicare supplements and long-term care. Shortly thereafter, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and became disabled. Being unable to see clients on a regular basis, Jay established Horowitz and Associates Insurance. Finding the climate in the Midwest to be very difficult, he moved his family to Florida.

As his health improved, he founded Horowitz & Associates in Naples and grew the business for approximately 14 years. During that time, Jay had worked for Union Broadcasting, promoting insurance to the uninsured. The show, focusing on consumer care, was known as "Insurance Beat" and was promoted by the Florida Department of Insurance.

While in Florida, Jay also worked with the Department of Insurance with agent investigations. He was one of the top brokers at that time for a company known as American Medical Security, with which he had served on the President's Advisory Council for several years. Jay was also a Million-Dollar Roundtable member for seven years. In 2000, he moved Horowitz & Associates back to the Midwest.

Jay prides himself on good customer care, as you will see when you do business with us - we work for you. As a Principal and founder of this company, Jay feels as though having a medical condition helps him understand the importance of having good coverage, and that's why he will always say, "we work for you."